Car Storage Chamblee GA

6 Tips You Need to Know for Car Storage

What do you need to know before storing your car? Our indoor car storage in Chamblee GA provides the necessary space for your extra household vehicle, vintage car, or even your business vehicles. With larger than normal spaces, you have enough room for RV storage as well as boats.

Did you know we also offer outdoor vehicle parking spaces? These outdoor storage options accommodate RVs, trailers, and commercial vehicles, without an entryway height requirement. See how you can best prepare for vehicle storage with these tips.

Car Storage Chamblee GA

6 Tips for Car Storage

  • Maintenance on your vehicle is a must before storing. After an extend period of sitting the gas lines can get clogged; with fresh fluids there is no sediment to get in the way.
  • We work hard to keep critters out but take the extra measure and fill any openings. Tailpipes can be filled with steel wool to avoid curious critters from exploring your vehicle.
  • Prevent flat spots on trailers, RVs, and cars, by making sure all tires are filled to the maximum psi.
  • We recommend using a cover regardless of outdoor storage or indoor parking.
  • Wash and wax your summer transportation before storage. While cleaning you may notice some areas that need extra attention; better to catch them now than in the spring.
  • Disconnect your battery and put it on a tender.

Finding winter storage for your vehicle or RV is made a little easier with Guardian Self Storage. Make our indoor parking spaces a vital part of business or a helpful solution for the extra family car. With our Chamblee GA storage facility outside Atlanta GA, you have the storage solutions for your home or business.

Find a winter storage unit that makes the most sense for you online. With a few clicks and a little help from our experts you can start storing today!