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6 Tips You Need to Know for Vehicle Storage

As a car owner, there are a lot of important aspects to consider in order to maintain the condition and longevity of your vehicle. One key area of upkeep involves storing your car when not in use. Whether you’re leaving it idle for long periods or you’re looking for advice on how to best protect it, we have helpful tips you can implement right away. By taking the necessary precautions and researching smart storage solutions, you can reduce wear and tear on your prized purchase while also helping extend its lifespan.

Car Storage Chamblee GA

6 Tips for Vehicle Storage

1. Clean Your Car Thoroughly

Before storing your car, give it a thorough wash and wax to remove dirt, grime, and anything that might damage the paint over time. Clean the interior as well, ensuring that all trash and food particles are removed to prevent lingering odors or pest infestations.

2. Change the Oil & Other Fluids

It’s a good idea to change the oil, coolant, and brake fluids before storing your car for an extended period, as dirty or contaminated fluids can cause damage to the engine and other components. Additionally, top off the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel deterioration and protect the engine.

3. Protect the Tires

Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure, and consider using tire jacks or blocks to reduce the pressure on the tires and prevent flat spots. If storing your car for a very long time, you may want to rotate the tires periodically to distribute the weight evenly.

4. Disconnect the Battery

Remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place to prevent it from discharging or corroding. Alternatively, you can attach a battery tender or trickle charger to maintain the charge while your car is in storage.

5. Use a Car Cover

Invest in a high-quality, breathable car cover that fits your vehicle snugly. This will protect the paint and exterior from dust, moisture, and scratches while your car is in storage. Wash your vehicle before covering!

6. Choose a Suitable Storage Location

If possible, store your car in a temperature-controlled, secure facility to protect it from extreme temperatures, humidity, and potential theft or vandalism. If storing your car outdoors, ensure it is well-covered and the area is free of potential hazards such as falling tree branches or flooding.

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