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How Can Local Storage Organize Your Gear

Is storage the right move for you this season? Looking forward to the kids heading back to school, cleaning out the garage for fall, or both, Guardian Self Storage has something to suit all your needs. Local storage in Chamblee GA is useful when swapping out the items you only use seasonally.

Did you know we have both indoor storage and a business center? You can keep your work vehicle stored with us while you conduct your everyday business in a professional setting. Guardian Self Storage and Business Center in Chamblee GA have a spot for every storage need. Give us a call today!

Local Storage Chamblee GA

Home Organization

  1. The command center is a great spot for the chore list, car keys, and backpacks.
  2. Keep all the lunch boxes and containers in one spot in the pantry.
  3. Make a lunch quick with the essentials all ready to go in the fridge.
  4. A homework area will keep kids on track as soon as they come home from school.
  5. Lay outfits out ahead of time and let the kids choose their favorites. If you need to change the wardrobe because of weather, use InStyle’s article.

Packing for Seasonal Storage

  1. Labels, sturdy boxes, and shelves will keep your belongings organized in the storage unit.
  2. Use wheels chocks to keep your vehicle in storage in one place without using the brakes.
  3. Suspend canoes and kayaks off the floor with a shelf for these types of personal boats.
  4. Our temperature controlled storage units are ideal for items you need to store that can not handle the change of seasons.
  5. Plastic bins are great for kitchen utensils used while camping. Thoroughly clean then and seal them away to keep critters out of your storage unit.

Guardian Self Storage makes storing near your home simple. With our tips for around the house and local storage in Chamblee GA, you are set for the season. Give us a call or find your storage unit online.

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