Moving Out of State Chamblee GA

Moving Out of State: The Ultimate Checklist

How do you move across the state or even to another state? Moving out of state is a challenge no more, with Guardian Self Storage! When you are relocating to the Chamblee GA area, Guardian Self Storage can provide available storage space to protect your gear. Moving to a new neighborhood dose not have to overwhelm you when you have storage space for your belongings.

We have the ultimate moving checklist for moving out of state and help you update your address, and re-stock on some of your basic supplies.

Moving Out of State Chamblee GA

Updating Your Address

Where are all the places you need to update your address after a move? This common question can be a challenge when you are new to a neighborhood. Remembering all the businesses you need to update just got a lot easier with our list.

  1. Any government agencies like, Veteran assistance, social security, government assistance, all need to be aware of your move within 10 days. To avoid any confusion with your benefits, you can let them know you are planning to move.
  2. Forwarding your mail can be done all online through the USPS website. After you submit your request, you will have 1 month to get all your other mail up to speed.
  3. Staying in the same neighborhood? Transfer your utilities a day or two before your move. If moving to another state, talk with your realtor about setting these accounts up upon move in.
  4. After moving to another state, establish residency for tax and voting purposes. The rules vary from state to state but generally 6 months is a general requirement.

How to Re-Stock Your Pantry

While packing up the kitchen, go through your belongings and get rid of items you do not use, and do not forget to go through your food. Once you arrive at the new house, your dry stock may need replenishing. This checklist will help when you go to the store. Cleaning supplies and kitchen basics are a must on the shopping list.

Make Guardian Self Storage in Chamblee GA your moving out of state solution. Call, email, or rent online, we want to make moving as hassle free as possible.

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