storage packing tips

Organizing before you arrive at your storage unit

Are you ready to bring on the sunny days? With self storage in Chamblee GA your space will be rejuvenated after a long winter of closed windows.  Our space is essential when you want to clean out your closets, store valuables, and clear your space. Storage packing tips are important to keep in mind so your next move to the storage facility is hassle free.

There is something about flowers blooming and the warmer weather that makes many of us want to make our homes sparkle. Start refreshed around the house with a storage unit from us, or start a new endeavor with the right office space. Our business center is the modern, professional location to hold all your meetings and start expanding your best ideas. Get ready for the next step by packing your gear for the storage unit.

Storage packing tips before your arrive at the facility:

storage packing tips

  • Assemble a variety of tools to help during this move. A few boxes in different sizes, enough tape to close them up, and cushions for the breakables.
  • Organization will help manage stress when you are moving items in and when they come out. Label the outside with the correct room or spot in the unit. You can even go a step further by color coding or numbering which boxes gets opened first.
  • Use a little extra cushion to prevent glass in picture frames and mirrors from shattering. First place an X with tape across the surface to help prevent cracks.
  • Taking the old refrigerator out of the basement so the kids have a play area? Clean it out and leave it unplugged a few days before moving. This gives moisture a chance to dry up.
  • If the bed frame comes apart or the dresser can break down into pieces, do so. Condensing as much as possible will help you at the storage unit.
  • Fill in gaps in boxes with clothes or blankets.

We know you want to get your space in order before the summer fun happens, so stick with our storage packing tips and utilize all our space.