Self Storage Tips Chamblee Ga

Self Storage Tips for End of Summer Storing

The end of summer has arrived, get ready for cooler weather with Chamblee GA self storage tips for storing summer gear. Guardian Self Storage has parking spaces for RVs, large storage units for moving, and even office spaces to start your business. Now is a great time to pack away the pool toys and make room for winter clothes with self storage.

End of Summer Self Storage Tips

Self Storage Tips Chamblee Ga

  • DampRid will absorb any moisture left over on your fiberglass kayaks and canoes. Place a few of these around the unit to keep mold from growing.
  • When storing patio furniture, a fresh layer of paint to wood pieces or wax to plastic is needed. Our office also has a variety of covers to keep ensure your hard work lasts.
  • After a season outdoors, cushions absorb pollen and dirt which should be cleaned before storing.
  • To make room in the shed for winter equipment store pool chemicals with clearly marked labels. Avoid stacking containers on one another, to avoid a spill.
  • After the last cookout, clean your utensils and all parts of the grill to avoid pests from getting to your belongings. Because of our preventative pest control, your outdoor cooking items will be safe from rodents.
  • Inspect garden tools before storing. Replace or repair tools that are broken or need sharpening.
  • Before storing your lawn mower, empty the gas tank and oil. Flammable chemicals are not permitted in storage units.

Self storage helps make room in your shed or garage for winter tools, and keeps you organized if you are moving. To have a successful transition to fall, Guardian Self Storage has gathered these self storage tips for storing your summer gear. Our storage professionals are ready to guide you through renting a storage unit for the winter. Call, email, or find a unit online to get organized for fall.