storage space Chamblee GA

Utilize our storage space when staging your home

Is the buying and selling timeline stressing you out? With storage space from Guardian Self Storage and ideas to get your house noticed, we are making this process stress free. Simplify your furniture, spruce up your space, and stay organized with storage.

storage space Chamblee GA

Staging with your buyer in mind

As soon as someone walks into your house they notice the smell and entry way. Make this a positive experience by giving everything a thorough cleaning. Since your house is on display for a little while keep the fish recipes to a minimum. Odors can deter a potential buyer.

Less is more

To make a memorable entrance for your house, less is more. The less you have greeting them at the door the better. This includes color of walls and artwork on the wall. Your main living space should be a toned down color with a few accent pieces. Go through each room and choose a few items to remove. Make sure your closets are clean as well, because the probability a buyer will look inside is high. If you store your seasonal clothes at your house, a small storage unit would be helpful to keep them out of sight. Our extra space keeps your house looking its best the whole time.

The keys to decorating

  • Retouch any chipped paint or scuffs with a fresh coat.
  • Replace or remove family photos. Store these in a temperature controlled storage unit so changing temperatures do not damage them.
  • Potted plants are perfect if a room needs a little improvement.
  • Outdoor decorations should be kept to a minimum. Lawn chairs and tables are fine during the warmer weather but you can keep any extra items with us.

With our Chamblee GA storage space you can protect your extra furniture, precious keepsakes, and help your house sell faster. Use these solutions when putting your house on the market and talk with us about a storage unit to secure your belongings.