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The Best Storage Supplies in Chamblee GA

Need packing supplies? When you rent storage from Guardian Self Storage, you get everything you need for a great storage experience, from resources like the packing tips below to the best storage supplies selection in the Chamblee GA area. Check out our storage options. Then read the tips below to get a head start on packing!

1. Label or Create a Cheat Sheet for Your Boxes

As soon as you leave your storage unit for the first time, you are going to forget which items are where. You can label your boxes with the items’ respective rooms in the house and list the contents of the box on the side. That way you do not have to rummage through multiple boxes just to find one item. You can also create a cheat sheet for telling which items are in which box.

2. Pack Heavy Items in Smaller, Better Quality Boxes

Too much weight in a large box is not only going to be extremely heavy, but it also poses a high risk of breaking the box. Packing heavy items in smaller, sturdier boxes helps to redistribute some of that weight. If you need new boxes, Guardian Self Storage sells storage supplies on-site at our office. For the duration of October, we will be donating a percentage of those sales to Susan G. Komen in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

3. Be Proactive When Securing Storage

At Guardian Self Storage, you can reserve your storage unit online in advance. Reserving requires no credit card information or other obligations. You just have to complete the payment before your move-in date.

Find Storage and Storage Supplies in Chamblee GA

Guardian Self Storage on Peachtree Boulevard has all the storage you could need, from a small temperature-controlled storage unit to an office space for your company in our business center. We can accommodate your vehicle with our outdoor parking and offer you the best selection of storage supplies in Chamblee GA. Get started with Guardian Self Storage today!

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