Chamblee GA seasonal storage

Top 3 Tips for Storing Athletic Gear

Do you enjoy enjoy sports all year round? Guardian Self Storage understands the need for seasonal storage. When it comes time to put one season’s gear away you need a safe place to store it. At our Chamblee GA self storage facility we  will help you stay organized from pre season all the way to post season. Get started with these tips below.

Chamblee GA seasonal storage

Protect the valuables

Are you working on your memorabilia? If you notice your keepsakes need a space of their own, consider swapping them out just like you would your clothes. Set up a display you are most proud of for each sport. Every couple of weeks change out the material so all items get a chance in the spot light. While they are away for the time being, your trading cards are best kept in sleeves or boxes. The fabric jerseys, if not in a large picture frame or display case, can be protected by a garment bag.

Clean, Dry, Store

After a long game those pads tend to develop an odor. If the last game is over wash any uniforms, protective padding, and equipment before storing. You want to start your first game of the year with fresh uniforms, so make sure to give them a little care before storing.

Ingenious storage ideas

From the tennis balls to the rackets there is a creative way to store these oddly shaped items using the space you already have. You can swap them out when the time comes to switch activities. Until then, use your ceiling and walls to organize some of the odd shapes. Your bikes are better up out of the way on the ceiling by using hooks.

Enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family with the help of Guardian Self Storage. Our seasonal storage can help you at home and work. We also provide our customers with a professional work environment with the Guardian Business Center. See how our Chamblee self storage options can help you today.